Investment Principles

Though each client's needs may vary, our commitment to our key investment principles remains consistent. 

Personalized Portfolios – We know each client personally. Whether you want to build a nest egg or a backyard patio, portfolios are individually structured and managed to achieve each client's specific investment objectives.

Balanced Asset Allocation – It's our philosophy that a mix of asset types performs best over time. Allocations among stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are periodically reviewed to accommodate changes in market performance and client needs. 

Disciplined Investing – We maintain our investment principles despite short-term market fluctuations. Studies prove that “dollar cost averaging” and other disciplined strategies achieve superior investment performance over the long run.

Tax Efficiency – Client portfolios are structured and managed to maximize after-tax investment income while minimizing future exposure to estate and gift taxes.

Honesty and Integrity – We treat clients as we hope to be treated ourselves. This unwavering commitment to fairness extends beyond our investing activity to all aspects of our client relationships.

Low Cost – We choose investments that are inexpensive to buy, hold, and sell. Keeping transaction costs low and reducing multiple expense layers can significantly boost investment returns over time.

Over three decades of successful investment management attest to the value and effectiveness of our investment principles.